SMS messages carries weight far beyond WhatsApp or e-mail; SMS is more visible - and won´t be ignored. Your customers can even sign up themselves via a Subscription Box on your own website: then you know they want news, public announcements or special offers from your company.

DigiSMS is as easy to use as the SMS app in your phone, but will reach a thousand (or a hundred thousand) people at once. Send messages instantly or schedule them from your calendar - it is all just a few clicks away, and there is nothing you need to learn.


Reach all your customers immediately - anywere

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There is no cost to having a DigiSMS account, and no subscription fees: you only pay for the messages you send. Topping up your account is done in minutes, with any major credit or debit card.

Simply fill in the form below and we´ll set up an account for you right away. It is completely free, there is no commitment -  and you can try out for yourself how easy it is.

DigiSMS: Reach Your Customers Instantly

25.07.2020, 16:34

How to use DigiSMS

25.07.2020, 16:34