DigiBasic: Your Online Presence

Do you need a Website or Social Media solution for your small business? Or are you looking to improve the appearance and features of your existing site?

DigiBasic is designed for Business

DigiBasic gives your organization a complete presence across the web and all social media, and you can publish content with your Web Browser, with an app, or simply use your own e-mail; there is no new technology to learn, it just works.


We´ll set everything up for you - ready to go

DigiCanarias will work with you to design and launch your site, connect it with your Social Media, and place your business both in the Search Engines and on the real world Map. We use your branding - logos, colors, styles - to make sure your online presence are instantly recognized. And we´ll brand your Facebook and Twitter, too.

Write a Facebook post and it appears on your website, too. Write a web page or blog post, and it appears on Facebook, too. Automatically. Write an e-mail - and it appears both in your Facebook feed and as a page on your website. Prefer Twitter or LinkedIn over Facebook? All at once? That´s easy.

We compose your Home Page and Contacts page from your information. Want a blog, a menu, a webshop, an image or video gallery, a podcast channel, an order form, a calendar or a product listing? A live video feed from your camera? It is included, too.

You get your own Domain Name with e-mail, room for approx. 1.000 web pages, and always free phone support within Business Hours.

Add-Ons are easy

We can connect any third party service to your site. Payments Processing, Shopping Carts, AIS, Weather, Booking systems and so on. Ask us, and we´ll find a solution that works for your business!

Some examples from our customers

Check out the examples below for some websites we have delivered to other clients. Want more examples, or an informal chat about what we can do for you? Contact us, and we´ll set up a meeting - online, or in the real world - at your convenience.

Stardust House

Guesthouse in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Sound Lifestyles

Construction Company in Canada

Nexus Signs

Sign Makers in Toronto

Klym Dentistry

Dental Clinic in Owen Sound, Ontario


Logistics for Harbours and Marinas, Norway


Digital Solutions for Education, Maine, U.S.A